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Allyn Wasley

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Consultant Advisor and Coach

Allyn Wasley


Having been a senior executive in a large corporate for 15 years and company director for over 15 years, Allyn uses his extensive experience to directly assist small and medium sized business and leaders realise their potential.


His executive background in business strategy and performance, both at a development and execution level, was achieved in various positions in his tenure at CBH, Australia’s largest co-operative and a leading agri-business company. In recent years, Allyn’s focus has been in the strategy development, execution and governance, with several non-executive roles across the finance, alternative energy, fishery and not-for-profit sectors.


Allyn’s passion is helping others succeed, achieved through direct coaching and mentoring and through a peer advisory board for CEOs and business owners. Allyn believes in giving back the experience gained through his years of learning in an executive capacity and welcomes the gift of being able to learn even more from those around him. He brings key skills to the table including:

  • Strategy with a focus on growth-based strategy,

  • Financial management, including capital management, budgeting and investment,

  • Risk management with extensive experience as an Audit and Risk Management Committee member and as a supporting executive,

  • Governance with experience performing both Chairman and Director roles,

  • Mergers and Acquisitions having engaged in all aspects, including divestment and capital raising with an acute understanding of the factors driving value.

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