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Governance and Advisory Boards

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Governance and Advisory Boards

As a company grows, it may benefit from additional approaches beyond individual advisory services. These include appointing a non-executive director or establishing a Board of Advice or Advisory Board.

Cavedale Advisory can help SMEs assess their need for stronger governance, including the appointment of a non-executive director. A non-executive director takes on responsibilities for organisational strategy, finance and risk, working alongside other members of the Company Board. We can support you in determining the need for stronger governance or facilitate non-executive director appointments when appropriate.

An Advisory Board or Board of Advice offers SMEs an alternative structure for receiving ongoing business advice, bringing several advantages:

Diverse perspectives and expertise:

An advisory board is typically composed of multiple individuals with different backgrounds, expertise, and experiences. This diversity of perspectives can provide a more well-rounded approach to decision-making, as each member can offer unique insights and suggestions.

Reduced risk:

With multiple advisors, you have access to a broader range of knowledge and experience, which can help identify potential risks and opportunities more effectively.

Greater credibility:

Cavedale Advisory can help assess the suitability of an Advisory Board for your organisation and assist in its establishment if needed. We can help:

  • Validate the requirements for an Advisory Board

  • Governance checklist and Board structure options

  • Establish an Advisory Board Charter

  • Selection and review of Advisory Board members

  • Advisor orientation and Board establishment

Greg Major is a Certified Chair™ of the Advisory Board Centre. See our Approach page for more information on how we work with you to determine the best approach.

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